Digital Leadership Forum


The Digital Leadership Forum is a new international group for experienced digital leaders in the Øresund region. Originally launched by members working at higher education, NGO’s or inter-governmental institutions like the UN and EU, the group now also has active participation from large, global and complex companies.

Kanti Kumar from WHO Europe is moderating this group.

Next Meetings

28. September in Copenhagen
8. November in Aarhus

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Tel: +45 2970 1500

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The group meets every 3- 4 months for full-day meetings.

Members take turn hosting the meetings at their organisation. Most meetings will take place in or near Copenhagen. Meetings are held in English and J. Boye provides meeting minutes from each meeting as well as an online forum for members where we share the meeting resources. We invite expert guest speakers to most of the meetings to provide further input to the group. Wishes for agenda topics and speakers from members will be taken into account when planning the agendas.


This group’s focus is on the strategic and governance related challenges of managing your organization’s digital channels. We identify and explore emerging trends and we challenge some of the established truths. We link digital strategy to the overall business strategy and discuss how your company’s digital presence contributes to achieving company goals.

Member Profile

Senior managers responsible for digital channels within their organisation. Senior digital business managers, web marketing managers, communications people or other professionals with responsibility for web strategy and web operations management. The organisations in the group share at least two of these three characteristics with one another: they are large, global and complex. The group is not open to consultants or vendors.

Topics for 2018

Some of the topics we’ll focus on this year:

  • Artificial intelligence, including chatbots and voice
  • Conversation design and new ways to work with storytelling
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Governance
  • Managing in an omnichannel reality
  • Strategy for digital marketing
  • SEO Strategy
  • Mobile and social strategies
  • Youtube and approaches to video that work
  • Better use of data and analytics
  • Organizing a content inventory and migration
  • Building an organisation that supports content quality in an international setting
  • Persuasion using digital media
  • WCM marketplace state of the industry